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Puppet feet: my latest suede smoking slipper's (Topshop) and nubuck jazz shoes (Office)

I have a confession to make. After rifling through my wardrobe the other day (I was attempting to pack as I’m about to move house), I realised I am ridiculously faithful to a few shoe styles. All other shapes and styles never cross the threshold and certainly don’t get close to the wardrobe.

Does this make me an unadventurous dolt? Am I missing out on other exciting shoe experiences?

When I’m dressing, I normally build my outfit from a key garment that is weather and occasion appropriate. I never start with the shoes. They come later and act as a nice accompaniment to my outfit; the balsamic dressed salad to my broad bean risotto, if you will.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy shoes, I think I’m just obsessed and blindsighted by a few select styles. I rarely want to venture into other pastures. I love a loafer and smoking slipper; a knee-high boot and ankle boot; a moccasin and last but not least, a mid-heel Sixties slip-on.

I must add that I’ve currently got my eye on the Jimmy Choo Wheel. This shoe is the holy grail of smoking slipper’s.

Anyone else notice the same thing in their wardrobe? Or are you all the shoe equivalent of a social butterfly? Flitting effortlessly between a variety of styles…

Dorothy wants to go home: Vintage Sixties buckle slip-on shoes


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Asos MarketPlace has stormed the online high-street with a high profile launch and a following of eager-eyed fashion mavericks.

Ransacked Vintage Ruby red, double breasted dress, £45.00

According to Caren Downie the womenswear buying director at Asos, “Marketplace is an exciting addition to ASOS”.

She continues to say; “It allows us to extend our offering and enables our customers to discover even more fashion online. Through Marketplace we can offer another level of support to emerging designers where they can access two million customers worldwide.”

Asos has received its criticisms though, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Sarah Mower at The Daily Telegraph writes:
“It has to be said, though, I’ve overheard conversations about the quality sometimes being “sh-“, and the difference between the photograph and the reality. But they do approve of the looks and prices.”

Vogue reports that Asos’ new venture is different from other online marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon because the sellers get to design their shop front and for £50 a month they have access to an Asos account manager.

Laura Hickinson, 25, is an Actor from London and she sells her beautiful vintage wares on Asos MarketPlace.

Ransacked Vintage started when Laura started buying little bits at vintage fairs in London, “At first I just bought odd things I saw and thought I could sell on, when I saw ASOS I thought I could maybe do it a bit more properly.”

She is keen to champion true vintage as opposed to the styles that imitate or copy retro looks, specialising in A-grade vintage clothing, “I get stuff that is in great condition, I try to get things which are vintage but on-trned at the moment”. It is relevant style with a unique touch, “you can get more personal stuff than you might pick up in Topshop“.

Laura Hickinson, the woman behind the magic

Laura’s love of vintage fashion was sparked years ago; like many dealers in vintage clothing the allure of an item with a past is great in this actor.

She says she loves knowing that on a night-out she’ll be the only one wearing her special finds, although there is a limit she notes, “the fun thing is mixing amazing vintage stuff with more contemporary bits unlike when you see some people who have gone over the top and just look like their gran!”

Setting up with Asos was ok she says, “ASOS have rules about various things that once you get your head round it is easy enough! I take all my own photos, write all my own pieces about the clothes etc. ASOS provide a basic form and it is up to you how detailed you make it.”
Asos are not doing all the work for you though, “they give a few little hints, but on the whole they leave you to it! It has been great. I have been selling consistently and have had lots of nice feedback from people. I have my own hopes for how I do, rather than competing with other people, so I am really pleased with how it is going so far.”
With her attention to detail, her street-style photography features models in sequin masks, and fantastic sourcing, Laura doesn’t need much help. Her current collection is bright and colourful and most importantly, fun; putting some humour back into fashion with feminine frills, busy florals, harlequin sequins and marching band jackets.
Check out some of Laura’s favourite pieces, her edit of the party seasons best;

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The announcement was made today, and yes I know it has been covered EVERYWHERE, and will continue to provide discourse for weeks probably, but still Kate Middleton and Prince William are engaged.

Now it isn’t for reasons of heartbreak or gossip that I bring up this fact. I am just wondering what will she wear?!

The woman will have scores of designers all clamouring for her attention in the hopes that she will choose them to design the all important dress.

What a dream.

In terms of fashion Kate has always been classic, simple and has never tried to0 hard.

The Los Angeles Times reporter Booth Moore sums up her style;

“I don’t believe I’ve ever spotted her in a recognisable piece of designer clothing. In fact, her look thus far seems designed to be non-objectionable. Nothing too aggressive, too sexy or indeed too fashiony, despite the fact that she has worked as an accessories buyer at Jigsaw“.

In that case will she go elegant Vera Wang? This draped Evelyn gown seems to tick all her style rules.

Vera Wang- Evelyn dress made from silk crepe and French tulle

Equally Marie Claire have noticed that she has a bit of a love affair with the high-street;

“Middleton’s high street saviness is well known. She famously stepped out in a Topshop dress on her 25th birthday, prompting the style to sell-out nationwide”

Would she ever completely rebuff expectation and just choose Topshop to dress her for the big day?! I think not, but still it is fun to imagine the confusion that would be caused if she chose to champion the high-street.

Topshop bandeau tail dress, £60.00

This Caroline Castigliano designer dress is pretty regal with its sweetheart neckline, lacy bust and full skirt.

dress by international bridal designer Caroline Castigliano

Perhaps she will go wild with an exuberant and lively wedding dress à la Roberto Cavalli.

Roberto Cavalli wedding dress, image courtesy of Bridal Wave

Still enough pondering, we will all have to wait and see. Only time will tell what Kate adorns herself in for her wedding to Prince William in 2011. I have a hunch that with her sophisticated taste and a bit of designer sparkle it will be a splendid affair.

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Natalie Macdonald pairs her fleecy cream snood with a chic cropped linen jacket and bright checked dress

Those crisp autumnal winds are blowing and all your summer dresses have been packed away with a sigh, it is time to embrace the new weather order and get layering the luxe way.

Snood’s, faux-fur capelets and stoles have stormed the high-street perhaps taking inspiration from the fashion darling’s favourite Aviator jacket.

Faux fur hats with little animal ears were seen on the runway for a/w 2010 at Topshop Unique and you would be hard pressed to find a designer who did not showcase something in shearling or textured and snuggly for this season.

Chunky knits and romantic layering

Asos and Topshop have been encouraging you to layer up in slouchy cable knits and faux fur accessories.

The online fashion guru Asos advises its devotees to snap up winter warmers as seen on Marc Jacobs‘ a/w 10 catwalk;

‘Layer up in faux fur jackets, chunky parkas and soft knitwear, and welcome the return of cosy, practical dressing. Keep your colours warm too in natural shades of caramel, evergreen and oatmeal.’

‘As the temperature changes, wear thick, ribbed knits as outerwear, then pile on faux-fur accessories and coats as the mercury drops further.’

Topshop champion the snow queen but still hold the same attitude to winter dressing;

‘She dresses in tulle gowns brimming with ruffles and scattered with crystals, she wanders through the ice draped in lashings of faux fur and marabou-trim knits. Furry shorts are teamed with pearl-scattered sweaters and intricately beaded jackets’

The message is clear, thoughtful layering of key pieces will see you through any bout of winter blues.

A faux-fur stole in a nutty brown paired with navy blue makes for a winning colour combination

The edit

The best way to inject seasonal vitality into your wardrobe is with a luxe snood. Somewhere between a scarf and a hood these little beauties will look great layered over your coats and jackets this winter.

Get ready to enter Narnia with Asos‘ grey faux fur snood with flecked finish.

Asos Narnia Snood, £20.00

Hobbs Tetbury snood is wooly and wonderful.

Hobbs Tetbury snood, £39.00

Finally we have a Next snood in a soft dusky pink, perfect for a casual weekend.

Next knit snood, £14.00

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Hauntingly horrific, stupendously scary, it is that time again. All hail hallows eve.

With halloween just around the corner what will you be wearing to ring in the witching hour?

Here are a few of the best pieces the high-street has to offer for a fantastically horrible halloween.


These cheeky bunny ears will steal the show at any halloween party.

Think Bridget Jones minus the awkward slip-up’s, these lace bunny ears are gothic and glamourous.

The fashion forward way to do halloween.

Topshop Lace Bunny Ears, £12.50

This velvet mini dress is divine. With its peter pan lace collar and deep midnight blue hue, Topshop have hit the ball out of the park with this one.

Costume Tip: do dainty doll gone wrong.

Pop on some opaque white tights, back-comb your hair into a messy beehive and add some plastic creepy crawlies for effect. A Powder white face is a must and a blood-red smile.

Velvet Peter Pan Lace Collar Dress by Topshop, £95.00


This Karen Millen skirt is not in the slightest bit scary – it is absolutely beautiful.

BUT picture a demon flapper with this skirt as the statement piece. You can save the skirt for the Christmas party as well.

Team it with a corset, as seen in the photograph below; a feather headdress; some long lacy gloves, and fangs.

Karen Millen Gothic Beaded Scallop Mini Skirt, £135

A classic Vivienne Westwood skull and crossbone necklace will finish off the outfit of any stylish swashbuckling pirate.

If you want to go wild for Westwood then wear with her iconic pirate boots.

Vivienne Westwood Diamante Skull Necklace, £98.00


Last but not least is this cute dress by Yumi.

Ordinarily wear with some leggings and kitten heels but for a fright night don’t be afraid to vamp it up.

Black cat, wolf, there are a million different ways to wear this dress just balance out the volume of the top with some tight trousers.

Yumi Fluffy Dress, £45.00

Happy Halloween and please do remember that if all else fails, never, ever resort to the fashion nightmare that Lady Gaga wore at the MTV video music awards. A dress made from meat is a step too far !

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High-fashion designer trends are becoming increasingly accessible to the stylish masses thanks to the great British high street.

Now more than ever shops such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Jaeger, H&M, Monsoon, and Warehouse are offering fashion-forward pieces at affordable prices. This can only mean one thing, the playing field is leveling. No matter what your situation –   fantastic and individual looks are within reach.

For 2010, the designers have laid their cards on the table. In a stunning array of catwalk shows the looks were set for the autumn/winter season. All that remains to be seen is how you will translate them?

Will Louis Vuitton’s ‘50s ladylike innocence reign supreme? Or is 3.1 Phillip Lim’s ‘70s vibe what everyone will be channeling this winter?

The following 3 women have opened up their wardrobes to me so that I can find out just that…

Christa Bloom, 22, Writer

1) “Gothic”
Cape- Illustrated People
Pleather skirt- H&M
Tights- Accessorize
Boots- really cheap shoe shop!
Bag- Zara
Necklaces/bracelets- various

Worn to go shopping on Oxford St on a chilly day, cape is made from sweatshirt material so keeps it more casual against the chunky boots and lace-embroidered tights.

2) Evening maxi dress
Dress- vintage
Belt- Primark
Hairband- Topshop
Earrings- New Look
Platforms- New Look

Worn for a dinner at a fancy resturant, the platforms give me height to wear the dress and a 70s kick to it, but still feels very Gothic glam and thus more a/w.

3) Lace/shift/’60s-esque

Rabbit felt hat- vintage
Dress- Maya
Jacket- H&M
Fascinator worn as brooch- Chapau Claudette
Socks- New Look
Shoe boots- vintage
Bag- vintage

Dressing down the lace shift dress for a quiet evening at the pub with frilly socks and a camel trench- two of the seasons biggest trends. Hat and bag are more Mad Man-esque.

Christa’s style indicates a clear avoidance of just copying the trends set by designers, she informed me that she likes to minimise her time spent on the high-street so that she can hunt for one-off unique pieces off the beaten track.

Part 2 – See next post.

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