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How are women preparing their wardrobes for the oncoming frosty months?

Mallory Wood, 22, PR Account Manager

I would describe my style as feminine and fun with an edge. I love clean lines and block colour, nothing too fussy. I like to show off my curves so I always try to pick fitted clothes that are nipped in at the waist, which is why I love tea dresses and pencil skirts.

I love fashion but my busy lifestyle means that I need my clothes to be practical and adaptable so I’ll often wear an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at work or going out after work to meet friends.

Lastly, one defining element of my style is my fringe!! I always wear my hair in a style that makes my fringe the focus and, for me, its like wearing a leather jacket – I can be as dressed up as possible but I’ll never feel over-dressed but always feel comfortable and poised.


I absolutely LOVE this dress!!! It wasn’t expensive at all but it’s one of those go-to outfits when I don’t know what to wear – I know I’ll be happy and confident when wearing it. It’s flirty and creates feminine lines but the colour doesn’t make me feel too girly.


I’m not afraid of colour, I love it! I’ll always go for block colour though and make it the focus of my outfit, keeping everything else quite tame so that the outfit is not too busy. In the same respect I never wear many accessories, if you get it wrong you can end up looking tacky and weighed down.

I like a few statement pieces that are there for a reason. Pencil skirts make me feel very sexy, especially when paired with heels. They have an incredible way of showing off your figure, without showing hardly any skin. Less is more.


90% of the time, I’ll wear skirts or dresses but when I do wear trousers or jeans I like them to be fitted too, I always have. I’m so glad you can buy skinny fitted jeans now; I no longer have to sew myself into them like I did when I was at school!

This top is from Zara and follows my style rules, it’s solid colour and cinched in at the waist. I like the neckline too, it’s daring and makes the outfit sexy and feminine which is something I always try to achieve.

Simplistic minimalism Mallory manages to achieve maximum impact with little fuss.

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