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Puppet feet: my latest suede smoking slipper's (Topshop) and nubuck jazz shoes (Office)

I have a confession to make. After rifling through my wardrobe the other day (I was attempting to pack as I’m about to move house), I realised I am ridiculously faithful to a few shoe styles. All other shapes and styles never cross the threshold and certainly don’t get close to the wardrobe.

Does this make me an unadventurous dolt? Am I missing out on other exciting shoe experiences?

When I’m dressing, I normally build my outfit from a key garment that is weather and occasion appropriate. I never start with the shoes. They come later and act as a nice accompaniment to my outfit; the balsamic dressed salad to my broad bean risotto, if you will.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy shoes, I think I’m just obsessed and blindsighted by a few select styles. I rarely want to venture into other pastures. I love a loafer and smoking slipper; a knee-high boot and ankle boot; a moccasin and last but not least, a mid-heel Sixties slip-on.

I must add that I’ve currently got my eye on the Jimmy Choo Wheel. This shoe is the holy grail of smoking slipper’s.

Anyone else notice the same thing in their wardrobe? Or are you all the shoe equivalent of a social butterfly? Flitting effortlessly between a variety of styles…

Dorothy wants to go home: Vintage Sixties buckle slip-on shoes


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After a recent foray into a stand-alone Office store I found myself quite excited. A fluttering heart, a dizzying feeling and the indescribable urge to take out my purse, this my friends is label lust.

Being a student all over again I have had to seriously restrict my spending, I said no to a beautiful Zara frock coat, no (with regrets) to a potentially expensive night out in central London and no to indulging in a Halston Heritage purple pleated number.

That last one really hurt as we all know how important pleats will be come spring/summer.

Anyway, with this in mind I went to a friends news patch (Covent Garden) to help her research a new story and we MIGHT have wandered into Office.

The Breakdown

Strictly speaking, their prices are not the cheapest on the high street but what makes a difference is that they have variety.

There is a range of prices and there is generally a few sale items lurking about if you are willing to look.

In the sale pumps and flats are a mere £20.00 whilst their full price beauties can hit the £70.00 mark.

Office is the Spice of Life

However you often don’t see this kind of selection elsewhere, they champion handfuls of styles and are not afraid to try a few weird combinations to make a truly special shoe.

I thought I’d pick a few styles and detail exactly why they have been chosen, and also what I’d be teaming them with.

After all a perfect outfit is redundant if you wear it with trainers (trainers whilst cycling to work, or for exercise purposes are definitely acceptable).

The Chosen Few

1. The Brogue is a style that is both practical and fashionable for autumn. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are a step away from your average run-of-the-mill brogue then try this pair in suede.

With a ’60s style buckle and fringing they are the ultimate fashion accessory to team with your winter tea dresses, thick tights and a faux-fur stole.

Coming in three equally amiable colours, all you have to decide is which one is for you?

Dale Shoe, £60.00

2. A killer heel is an essential and the fashion-pack have recently been wandering about town in black court shoes, sometimes with a kitten heel, always stylish.

This pair have sexy curves and would look great with a pencil skirt. The heel is high enough to give you confidence but also not ridiculous. Three cheers for Office!

Black Court Shoe, £72.00

3. A perfect flash from the past these black ’60s mid-heels would compliment your  a-line skirt and silk blouse a treat.

Office themselves note that ‘channelling the 60’s trend, these are perfect for any Mod madame’s out there.’

I’ll be wearing them with little velvet minidresses.

With a chunky heel they are functional and the suede and buckle detail is clearly a running theme for Office this season.

Fiasco '60s heel, £72.00

4. I was thoroughly entranced by these little boots, an interesting colour contrast equals bags of style.

I’d pair with some cream opaque tights and a knit dress.

Slightly Victoriana with their lace-up style they tick all the boxes for me.

Keeper lace-up boot, £78.00

5. These tassel loafers are another favourite.


A close cousin of the Moccasin and smoking slipper the loafer is hot to trot this season.

Remember fashionlog.co.uk‘s nod to the smoking slipper?

If you haven’t jumped onboard yet here is the perfect slip-on. Just remember not to wear your loafers with jeans.

As they are casual you need to dress them up with a-line skirts, or peg-trousers.

Suede Loafer with Tassle, £65.00


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