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Once in a while you come across something so incredibly fantastic that you have to talk about it, this week I have been raving about Alex Prager’s photography.

Hailing from Los Angeles this photographer takes enticing photographs with a glamorous edge. In a Dazed and Confused interview she cites William Eggleston as one of the reasons she loves this medium of art;

“I can’t say why I’ve always been drawn to a weirder, slightly eerie tone. William Eggleston’s work made me to want to be a photographer.

“I saw his pictures and I couldn’t understand how something that at first glance looked so much like a mundane snap shot, could dramatically effect the way I felt. These little colourful ‘boring snapshots’ completely changed the direction my life had been going in up to that point.”

Her heroines, often placed in provocative, vulnerable and down right bizarre situations are styled to perfection in retro fashion.

She mixes the pop culture references of today with big hair and cigarettes to create sparkling, sharp images that call for a long pause for thought.

Her most recent collection, Week End, was exhibited earlier in the year at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, her first show in the UK.

The images call out for the observers attention, it is ballsy art at its best. More than anything you desire to know what is running through these characters minds.

In previous collections you see little girls all dolled up in mother’s make-up smiling coyly at the camera.

From Week End there is ‘Deborah’ lying with cigarette in hand on the bonnet of a car deep in thought; ‘Maggie’ floating face up in an inky pool, her shoes and handbag discarded at the edge of the water; these women all know something that we don’t.

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Alex Prager’s website


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